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Ballast Nedam Infra Noord Oost | Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Membrane under Aqueduct Houkesloot

Genap was commissioned by Ballast Nedam Infra to provide the geomembrane construction for the approaches to the Aquaduct under Houkesloot in Sneek. This project was initiated through an early collaboration between Genap and the engineering firm Arcadis Bouw Infra from Amersfoort, which approached Genap for advice on the construction of the approaches to the concrete aqueduct.

Our recommendation involved the use of prefabricated sheets of 1 mm thick PVC geomembrane. The main advantage of this is that the geomembrane can be welded under controlled conditions in the factory, providing better protection for the weld seams and the geomembrane itself against external influences. Additionally, we advised the application of a reinforced strip of Genatex® reinforced PVC geomembrane at the ends of the geomembrane. This strip serves to firmly attach the geomembrane to the concrete sleeper under the clamping beam.

A total of 8500 m² of 1 mm thick Aquatex PVC, approved according to KIWA/ATA standards, and an equal amount of 500 gr/m² Geotextile were installed within just 2 working days. The geotextile was used to protect the geomembrane against any sharp parts that could cause puncturing. Genap was fully involved in this project from engineering to execution