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Gebr. Van der Lee Contracting Company | Scharsterbrug-Joure, the Netherlands

Deepening for tunnel trough

For Gebr. Van der Lee B.V. Contracting Company, Genap also facilitated the lowered positioning of the Hollandiastraat, as part of the project at the Joure Interchange A6/A7. In the Hollandiatunnel, the A7 crosses over the Hollandiastraat.

The geomembrane used, an LLDPE 1.5mm MST MSB, aims to keep groundwater out of the tunnel trough for a period of 100 years. The total surface area covered is approximately 14,000m².

On-site, rolls of 7 meters in width are expertly welded together, under the supervision of an independent inspecting party. Each weld is individually tested before sand can be applied. This requires close cooperation between the client, contractor, and inspection party.

The first track was laid on January 31, 2017, and was released and handed over to Aannemersbedrijf Gebr. Van der Lee B.V. at the end of March.